Private Workshops

I can run any of the above workshops for a private group at The Hive.  If the group is 4 or more individuals then the rates are as follows;

1.5 hours $60 per person 

3 hours $90 per person 

5 hours $150 per person 

If your group is for less than 4, an additional studio fee of $60 applies.  

I will also work with you one on one for a rate of $35.  This is a perfect option for artists who are looking to expand their artistic practice or for individuals who are looking for an experience suited perfectly to them.  If you have no encaustic experience, I would recommend a minimum of 3 hours.  This can be done in one booking, or over the course of days or weeks.  Private bookings are offered at The Hive Encaustic Studio in Caledon ON during regular studio hours; Wednesday through Sunday 11am-5pm.  I can occasionally accommodate outside of these hours.  Email or call 519-497-7646 to learn more.  

​The Hive Encaustic Studio

Check out to learn about so many other exciting workshops happening at my studio in Caledon ON. 

Upcoming; Photo Encaustics, Cold Wax, Scultpural Encaustic Seed Pods, Etched Copper Cuffs, Stained Glass, just to name a few.......

Give it a Whirl

The perfect little taster session, Give it a Whirl is by chance or appointment at The Hive Encaustic Studio.  Instruction and demonstration, followed by 30 minutes with a griddle full of beautifully coloured beeswax for you to explore.  This is a perfect artistic experience for all ages.  Fun, family friendly, and just enough time with the wax to get you hooked.  $25 per person.  

Visit for more information and location.  Email  or call 519-497-7646 to book your session.  

I do offer consulting services at the rate of $35 an hour for those looking to explore how they can move forward with a career in the arts.  My specialization is in creating individualized plans and setting attainable goals, how to strategically engage community partners, and how to build personal networks and resources.  Free 30 minute consultations available.  Please contact or call 519-497-7646 to learn more.  

​Introduction to Encaustics - 5 hour 

This workshop will cover basic safety and general information needed to begin exploring encaustics.  Participants will learn and play with layering and fusing together beautifully pigmented natural beeswax, how to create texture and depth through gouging, mark making, and imprinting techniques, how to embed materials, basic photo transfers, and use of the hot stylus tool.  You will then go on to explore the endless possibilities of stenciling, pan pastels, and india ink.  

5 hours - $150

​The Hive - Saturday December 7th 11am-4pm  

The Hive - Sunday January 19th 11am-4pm

The Hive - Saturday February 8th 11am-4pm

The Hive - Thursday February 27th 11am-4pm 

The Hive - Sunday March 8th 11am-4pm

The Hive - Saturday April 4th 11am-4pm

​The Hive - Sunday May 3rd 11am-4pm

​To register email  or call 519-497-7646

Let the Cat Go - Fine Art and Craft Studio, Bracebridge - Saturday November 23rd. $175.  To register, visit 

The Cottage Pottery Studio, London, 2 dates: 

Sunday March 1st 12pm-5pm $150

Sunday April 26th 12pm-5pm $150

Registration not yet open for this location, but please email or call 519-601-7746 to pre-register.

All supplies are included.  No experience necessary.  Each participant will leave with several practice pieces as well as one finished 6x6 birch panel

Kim Kool - Edge of Grey Encaustics

I absolutely LOVE teaching encaustic workshops!  I vividly remember the first time that I tried this amazing medium.  I felt like a child again discovering something new for the very first time.  This feeling continues for me to this very day and I love sharing this experience with others.  My teaching style is very fluid.  I am there simply to guide and hold space, allowing participants the opportunity to really explore their own creativity and the joys of discovering something new.  I begin each workshop by demonstrating a variety of techniques and then encourage everyone to let go of intentions, preconceptions, and self doubt and instead to focus on movement, surprise, and discovery. 

​I teach out of a variety of creative and community spaces throughout Ontario including breweries, artisan shops, yoga studio's, and dining room tables (to name a few!).  I truly believe that it is important to make this medium accessible to anyone who wants to learn it, and that means packing up and bringing my show on the road!  Please let me know if you would like to bring a workshop to your space!

Registration and Cancellation Policy.  Payment in full confirms your registration.  Prices do not include HST.   Most workshops fill quickly and your spot will not be held unless full  payment is received.  Payment can be sent via e-transfer (preferred method) or arrangements can be made to process Mastercard or Visa.  If a cancellation occurs within 72 hours and the space can be filled, then a refund will be issued, otherwise, workshops are all non-refundable. I reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment.  If that happens, you will be notified prior to the start of the workshop and a full refund will be issued.  

Open Studio 

Open Studio is the perfect opportunity to work in a fully stocked encaustic studio, without having to set up an encaustic studio!  Come to The Hive and play, explore, and create in our beautiful studio space.  

$20 for the first hour and $5 for every 15 minutes afterwards.  Bring your own substrate (size limit of 16x20 total size in effect) and all other wax, supplies, and equipment included.  No instruction.

To participate in Open Studio, you must have taken a workshop with myself, Karen Brown, at The Hive in the past, or be an established encaustic artist.  

Open Studio's run by chance or appointment.  For full schedule visit    It is always a good idea to let us know ahead of time if you are planning on joining us. 

email  or call 519-497-7546

Encaustic Painting for Adults with Disabilities 

In this 3 hour workshop we will discover the joy of painting with beeswax by first learning how to build up layers of wax and how to fuse together each layer with a variety of heat sources.  We will explore a number of painting techniques, such as dripping and splattering the wax, how to make smooth and textured surfaces, how to embed objects in the wax, and how to add texture through a variety of gouging and imprinting techniques.  We will then go on to play with mixed media and encaustics.  

This workshop does require some dexterity in order to safely handle hot equipment.  Chairs are available, but some standing is also necessary.

Space is limited.  Support workers are welcome.  

​More dates coming soon!

*Passport friendly.

To register, email or call 519-497-7646

This workshop counts as a pre-requisite to attend Open Studio's at The Hive.  

Some subsidies available.  Please let me know if there is interest in making this an ongoing workshop.  This workshop can also be tailored and run specifically for your group.  Rates for non-profit organizations available.  

Encaustic Art Cards 

This a great workshop for anyone looking for a taste of this wonderful medium, or for anyone who wants to explore the fun of working in miniature!   This 2.5 hour workshop covers basic safety and general information.  Participants will learn how to layer and fuse the wax, gouging and mark making techniques, how to embed materials, basic photo transfers, and use of the hot stylus tool.  Each participant will leave with 4-6 of their own original esncaustic 'mini' pieces, mounted on 5x7 backing.  All supplies and equipment included.  No previous experience required.

The Hive Encaustic Studio - $70

Friday November 29th 6-8:30pm

Thursday December 12th 10am-12:30pm

Wednesday December 18th 10am-12:30pm

To register, email or call 519-497-7646

4 Day Intensive Encaustic Painting Class

This class will be a mixture of encaustic techniques and artistic process.  The material from my 2 day intensive introduction to encaustics will be covered along with a few new surprises.  There will be group and personal exercises designed to help elevate your painting process and ample time to explore this wonderful medium in a fun and supportive environment.  Attention will be given to each individual as you develop your own personal style and relationship to the wax.  This workshop is perfect for anyone new encaustics and experienced painters alike.  No experience necessary.    

Material List

Wood panels - variety of sizes with a maximum size of 16x20.  We will be working on several pieces at once.  You may also bring with you previously painted encaustic pieces that you are looking to add to or re-work


Pan pastels, oil paint, oil sticks, stencils, laser print outs of photo's.  These items will all be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have specific supplies you would like to use.  

​$530 for 4 days

​The Hive - Monday May 25th - Thursday May 28th

To register email or call 519-497-7646

Coming from out of town?  Check out or call me directly and I can make recommendations.  Preferred rates available for Hive guests at The Devonshire Inn, Erin and The Forks of the Credit Inn, Caledon.

​Creative Flow Class 

When we enter into a state of 'flow', we enter a state of simultaneous deep relaxation and heightened focus and awareness.  Time becomes inconsequential and our mind makes creative connections as our sense of self-doubt evaporates.  Creating art is a wonderful way to enter into this meditative state of 'flow'. 

We will begin each class with exercises designed to help us tap into our creative spirit, followed by several hours of encaustic painting in a shared, supportive and creative environment. 

While the focus of this class is on process rather than technique, it is a wonderful opportunity to tap into the wealth of group experience as we help one another further develop the skills we have learned in past workshops and in our own artistic practices.  This class is designed to help us each elevate our own work while at the same time building networks and strengthening community. 

This class is open to those who have experience with encaustics.  All supplies and equipment included, but please bring your own substrates (maximum size of 16x20).

"Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things".  Edgar Degas 

The Hive, 10am-4pm

$120​ per class

November 24th

February 23rd

March 29th

April 12th

​May 31st ​

To register, email or call 519-497-7646

2 Day Intensive Introduction to Encaustic Painting  

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to explore the beauty and freedom of encaustic painting, for anyone looking to set up their own home encaustic studio, or for anyone looking to expand thier artistic practice.  This class is technique intensive.  You do not need to have any experinece in encaustics or other artistic mediums for this class.

Over the course of 2 days we will cover safety and general information about encaustic painting, learn how to mix an encausic palette, how to layer and fuse the wax, and how to embed objects between layers.  We will make marks and create texture through a number of techniques such as incising, imprinting, and scraping back layers.  We will cover basic photo transfers, the hot stylus tool, including the brush tip, pan pastels and india ink.  We will explore a variety of stenciling techniques such as using stencils with pan pastels, stenciling with wax, and how to use natural leaves to create a beautiful stencil as well as ghost images.  Oil sticks and using oil paint, including how to fill lines will also be covered.  

Material List

Wood panels - variety of sizes with a maximum size of 16x20.  We will be working on several pieces at once 


Pan Pastels, oil paint, oil sticks, stencils, laser print outs of black and white photo's.  These items will all be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have specific supplies you would like to use.  

$265 for 2 days

​​The Hive - Sunday January 26th & Sunday February 2nd 11am-4pm both days.  

*Feb 16th reserved as possible re-make date in case of inclement weather

​​To register email or call 519-497-7646