11am - 4pm 


​In this 5 hour workshop we will learn how to layer and fuse the wax, build colour and texture through mark making and embedding techniques and add detail with the stylus tool and photo transfers.........but, we will also go further and explore mixed media techniques; stencils, pan pastels, and ink!

​This workshop will be held in the beautiful Creative Space at Younique Scrapbooking Store in Mount Forest and is appropriate for all levels.  No previous experience required. 

​A light lunch will be served.  ​​Space is limited so register early!

shop.youniquecountryretreat.com ​or drop in the store at 198 Main St. N Mount Forest ON

Please note that standing for periods of time will be required during this workshop.  Please wear old clothing and comfortable footwear. 

Donations of Art/Teaching

  • ​Twin Oaks Nursing Home ​Christmas Bazaar November 2017
  • ​Big Brothers Big Sisters North Wellington Just for Women Just for Fun Event ​​April 2017​​
  • ​Waterloo Region Family Network ​Evening of Elegance April 2017
  • The Donkey Sanctuary of Guelph June 2016
  • Pay What you Can Community Fundraising Event *** benefiting Circles Wellington County June 2016
  • Adult Literacy Fredericton April 2018
  • ​Facilitation Wellington Dufferin ​2018 
  • ​Cats Anonymous Rescue and Adoption ​2018

I am committed to helping my community through the donation of art and workshop time and wholly believe that the arts should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn! To date, I have volunteered my time to teach over 75 people the beauty of encaustics. If you have a group or community event that you think would benefit from Edge of Grey, please contact Kim@edgeofgrey.ca.  Please note, that you can also help by booking a workshop at regular price as this helps to support non-profit work.


10am - 4pm 


We all know that pesky inner critic - that internal voice that tells us we aren't smart enough, brave enough or good enough and better not try anything new or step outside our comfort zone.  These thoughts can range from moderately cautious to completely debilitating.  But, what if we could transform this relationship from a source to stress to one of empowerment?  In this unique workshop, that blends art and therapy in a healing circle practice we will learn how to connect with the critic, deconstruct our fears and gain a greater sense of freedom and courage to explore our creative and intuitive self.

​This workshop is a collaboration between Edge of Grey and Sanctuary Counselling  www.sanctuarycounsellingandtraining.ca   





I am thrilled to be teaming up with Descendants Beer and Beverage Co to offer an afternoon of Art and Brew! 

​Each participant will learn about the encaustic process; layering of the wax, fusing techniques (heat guns, encaustic irons, and blowtorches), how to embed objects, adding texture using a variety of gouging and mark making techniques, how to transfer images, and how to work with the hot stylus tool. 

​This workshop is for anyone looking to explore their creativity.  Absolutely no artistic experience required! 

​Please register by emailing Kim@edgeofgrey.ca or by calling 519.497.7646.  Please register early as space will fill up quickly. 

Please note that standing for periods of time will be required during this workshop.  Please wear old clothing and comfortable footwear. 

Shows and Shops

  • ​The Painterie ​Collingwood - ongoing
  • ​The Georgian Artisan Shop Thornbury - ongoing
  • ​Algonquin Vibes ​St. Jacobs - ongoing
  • ​Block 3 Brewing ​St. Jacobs - ongoing
  • ​The Plumbers Wife ​Arthur (Art Cards)
  • ​The Garafraxa Café ​2017-2018
  • ​The Durham Art Gallery ​"In the Mix"​July 15 - September 10, 2017
  • ​Rational Expressions Gallery and Gift ​Stayner - 2017
  • ​Rational Expressions Gallery and Gift "Voices"​Stayner - March 11-April 9th 2017
  • ​The GIFT Mount Forest  2016
  • Minto Arts Coucil Juried Show Spring 2016, Spring 2017

I absolutely LOVE teaching encaustic workshops!  I vividly remember the first time that I tried this amazing medium.  I felt like a child again discovering something new for the very first time.  This feeling continues for me to this very day and I love sharing this experience with others.  My teaching style is very fluid.  I am there simply to guide and hold space, allowing participants the opportunity to really explore their own creativity and the joys of discovering something new.  I begin each workshop by demonstrating a variety of techniques and then encourage everyone to let go of intentions, preconceptions, and self doubt and instead to focus on movement, surprise, and discovery. 

​I teach out of a variety of creative and community spaces throughout Ontario including breweries, artisan shops, yoga studio's, and dining room tables (to name a few!).  I truly believe that it is important to make this medium accessible to anyone who wants to learn it, and that means packing up and bringing my show on the road!  Please let me know if you would like to bring a workshop to your space!

Kim Kool - Edge of Grey Encaustics

I am continuing the process of planning my workshop schedule for Spring of 2018 with new information being added all the time. Stay Tuned!  If you are interested in bringing an encaustic workshop to your space don't hesitate to contact me at 519-497-7646 or at Kim@edgeofgrey.ca 

I have worked with Sunna Murphy, H.B.A, M.S.W., R.S.W., on many different projects in the past and am thrilled to be teaming up with her again.  This workshop promises to delve deeply and not only explore our inner critics, but also look at how engaging in creative practices can actually change the brain, leading to a sense of well-being, increased productivity, and new pathways to creative solutions.  We will spend time learning the process of encaustic art; layering and fusing of the wax, embedding, gouging and mark making techniques, and more, while being mindful of the changes in the mind and body as we engage in this amazing artistic process.  

​This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to examine and transform the relationship with their own inner critic, for artists and creatives looking to explore their practice from a new perspective, and for professionals looking to open new creative pathways and release self doubt.  Absolutely no prior artistic experience is required for this workshop.  

*** indicates that Edge of Grey volunteered the full amount of instruction time for these workshops and Events

​*Indicates that workshop or art was offered at a discounted rate for Charitable Organizations

Past Classes and Workshops

  • ​Studio Factor
  • ​Teambuilding for Facilitation Wellington Dufferin *
  • Spark of Brilliance through Canadian Mental Health Association ***
  • Monica House Cambridge ***
  • Kitchener Market Wine and Art
  • Durham Art Gallery *
  • ​The GIFT
  • ​The Garafraxa Cafe
  • ​London Brewing Co-Op
  • ​The Painterie
  • ​Balanced Breath Yoga Studio
  • ​Younique Scrapbooking Store