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Kim Kool

Kim Kool - Edge of Grey Encaustics

I was first introduced to the encaustics medium while working with Federally Sentenced women through Community Justice Initiatives’ Stride program.  I spent 6 years working with federally sentenced women both in Grand Valley Institution and the community.  As a program Coordinator at CJI, I ran social recreational programming inside the federal institution as well as with women post release, with a focus on community reintegration and post-release planning.

Prior to working with federally sentenced women, I have worked with at-risk youth both in residential programs and in the shelter system.  I have expertise in direct client service work, training and facilitation, as well as program development and community engagement. I hold a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and English, with a minor in Psychology from St. Thomas University.  I also have a Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation from Conrad Grabel University College as well as a Certificate in Trauma Counseling for Front Line Workers from the Hinks-Dellcrest Institute.  

As someone who has never done very well following rules or ‘staying within the lines,’ I struggled finding an artistic medium that truly allowed me to freely explore and play.  I instantly fell in love with encaustics and am always surprised to see where my pieces take me  The wax allows me to let go of any intentions and really sink into the moment; and more importantly, to play!

I have been an encaustic artist for several years and has successfully run workshops with federally sentenced women, at-risk youth, adults with developmental disabilities, individuals living with addiction and mental health considerations, and many others in the community looking to explore and engage with their creative side.  I work at various galleries and spaces in the community with both adults and children.  My work is currently on display at locations throughout Ontario. I am very excited to continue this work and bring this incredible artistic medium to as many people as I can. I am also always looking for unique and exciting partnership opportunities with anyone else willing to 'look outside the box'.  My roots are in the charitable sector and I have a passion for looking at innovative ways in which I can help my community.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for donations of art work or workshop time for fundraising events. 

I am also a lover of all things local, handcrafted, and interesting.  I love meeting other artists and craftspeople, sampling local cuisine and craft beer, and exploring breweries, wineries, shops, studio's, and galleries!